College book renter reviews

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18 reviews of Textbooks "Saved $30 for one textbook. Saw this place while I was trying to check-in at the college bookstore (thanks Vince for putting up that listing btw), read the reviews, and decided to stop by to compare prices/ Yelp reviews.

One of my favorite book renting sites, due to their friendly, fast, and inexpensive service to all o f us broke college kids.

Last year, I logged in to return a textbook I /5(). Campus Book Rentals has a very flexible rental plan and rents for 40 to 90% of the cost of buying the book!

It's a great deal for parents and students.

Cheap Textbooks

It's a great deal for parents and students. It also removes a lot of stress involved with the change of classes each semester. Rent your textbooks and save up to 70%. Rent textbooks using our price comparison and you could save up to 70% and have none of the hassles that come with.

You can write a College Book Renter complaint or post a warning about College Book Renter including College Book Renter's service or product safety. Or as a happy client you can describe the great products & services offered/5(17).

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College book renter reviews
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