Effects of post election violence case

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2007–08 Kenyan crisis

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The consequences of post-election violence on antiretroviral HIV therapy in Kenya

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A CASE OF NAKURU TOWN AND ITS ENVIRONS Kenya came to the brink of collapsing after the December elections with one function of the political EFFECTS OF POST ELECTION VIOLENCE. Published.

2007–08 Kenyan crisis

Electoral conflict and violence can be defined as any random or organized act or threat to intimidate, physically harm, blackmail, or abuse a political stakeholder in seeking to determine, delay, or to otherwise influence an. Over individuals were killed andwere displaced during post-election violence (PEV) in Kenya in Antiretroviral therapy (ART) depends on continuous access to medications which may have been interrupted due to PEV.

Some existing measures, however, can provide indications of a chilling effect, including utilization of safety-net clinics for sexual and reproductive health care, timeliness of prenatal care.

In terms of impact, post election violence assumed multiple ripple effects, netting in its wake innocent bystanders such as children, the elderly, the unknown, and in some cases. resolution in conflict situation specifically in Kenya during the post-election violence. The research adopted descriptive research design because it allowed for analysis of different variables and at the same time allowed the researcher to evaluate the extent of the effects of.

Effects of post election violence case
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The consequences of post-election violence on antiretroviral HIV therapy in Kenya