Newmans liberal knowledge versus ramapo colleges gened curriculum

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Knowledge for the Sake of Knowledge

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General Education: That part of a liberal education curriculum that is shared by all students. It provides broad exposure to multiple disciplines and forms the basis for developing essential intellectual, civic, and practical capacities.

The College Honors Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone Seminar offers an opportunity for students to recognize how they can use knowledge within their own disciplines to contribute in broad interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary issues.

Liberal-Arts Colleges: A particular type of institution—often small, often residential—that facilitates close interaction between faculty and students, and whose curriculum is grounded in the liberal-arts disciplines.

General Education: That part of a liberal education curriculum that is shared by all students. It provides broad exposure to multiple disciplines and forms the basis for developing essential intellectual, civic.

On the Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education Robert Harris Version Date: October 15, A context for all knowledge. A general education supplies a context for all knowledge and especially for one's chosen area. Every field gives only a partial view of knowledge of things and of man, and, as John Henry Newman has noted, an exclusive or.

Author gives attention to the aspect of Newman's thought which holds that a liberal education is concerned not so much with gaining knowledge as with an.

Liberal education

Knowledge for the Sake of Knowledge by Edward Tingley January but a condition of general knowledge” may well have implied something more than the mere inclusion of theology among university subjects.

But Newman did not elaborate it. “Knowledge is one thing, virtue is another Liberal education makes not the Christian.

Newmans liberal knowledge versus ramapo colleges gened curriculum
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