Pennsylvania colleges creative writing majors

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Graduate Creative Writing Programs

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Colleges in Pittsburgh: An Overview & Guide

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Creative Writing Major

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Upon our arrival they also began work on establishing the world. The Writing Arts program provides students with the foundations of creative writing (poetry and fiction) as well as technical writing (articles and reports). The BA program in Literature prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields such as law, college teaching, publishing and editing.

The writing major is a pre-professional major, providing students with experience in many facets of writing, with an emphasis on informational and creative writing.

Creative Writing

Geneva′s program prepares students for opportunities in journalism, publishing, creative writing, professional writing for business/industry and even free-lance writing. Best Online Colleges in Pennsylvania. There is an emphasis on the biblical perspective in all undergraduate majors, and graduate students study the Bible and theology in addition to pursuing their professional development.

which provide deeper attention to creative problem solving and environmental concerns. Expanded opportunities are possible through concentrations like writing, creative writing, literature and professional writing and rhetoric. Public relations, advertising, marketing, editing, script writing and technical writing are types of careers that the degree prepares students for.

C W The Business of Creative Writing (Units: 3) Prerequisite for C W Restricted to graduate Creative Writing students or consent of the instructor. Prerequisites for C W Restricted to Creative Writing majors; upper-division standing; C W or C W with a grade of C or better; GPA of or higher; or consent of the instructor.

Emory also allows English majors to double major in creative writing through Emory's very own undergraduate Creative Writing program, which offers workshops spanning over several genres, including poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, playwriting, and screenwriting.

Pennsylvania colleges creative writing majors
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