Should amateur athletes be paid

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At Risk: Are Unpaid College Athletes Exploited While Others Reap Millions?

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ESPN’s Jay Bilas and NCAA’s Oliver Luck to Debate Paying College Athletes

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Jan 01,  · If the time comes when women’s basketball is as commercialized and profit-driven as men’s basketball, then yes, the women should be paid as well.

But we’re a long way from that point. Should college athletes be paid? Of course college athletes should be paid – salaries, in addition to all costs associated with attendance (tuition, fees, room and board, etc.). The athletes (not the coaches) are the producers of what has become a very lucrative source of entertainment.

7 Common Sense Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid (According to Jay Bilas) Making Culture Pop. Follow Us. Get Your Weekly Digest. But this is amateur basketball, and regardless how.

College Basketball and Football Programs Net Billions: Should NCAA Athletes Be Paid?

Athletes should be paid considering the revenue that universities generate off them. University already scams students by charging $$40K in tuition alone.

You don’t need a. While this may sound shortsighted, college athletes in revenue sports should be paid because it is right. A distinction must be made whether or not the NCAA is in business to take advantage of capitalism and make money.

If no profits were taken, then the association would have an .

Should amateur athletes be paid
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