The value of a college education

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Oct 31,  · As they look to graduation, many Topeka High seniors are debating the value of a college education. Is it worth their while to go to a four-year institution? Watch video · There's still a wage premium for those with a college degree, but the value of that degree can vary widely depending on a range of factors.

College graduates still enjoy a wage premium, but the value of a degree varies widely depending on several factors. The Value of A College Degree Many people are reconsidering the merits of a college degree since costs seem to always be on the rise. Potential college students frequently consider whether expensive tuition, large quantities of student loan debt, and attending school rather than working is a decision that will be beneficial in the future.

What is the value of a college education? It may surprise you that, on average, an individual with a bachelor's degree earns approximately $66, per year, compared to the $37, average yearly salary of a worker with a high school diploma.

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Use this calculator to see the value of a college education. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Feb 09,  · College is the groundbreaking influence that creates a drive toward lifelong learning.

Community colleges take pride in providing accessibility, affordability and high-quality education to our. The value of a college education An extensive body of research has argued that obtaining a college diploma is a good deal for graduates on almost any measure – from higher earnings to lower unemployment rates.

The value of a college education
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The Value of Earning A College Degree